Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pennsylvania mornings


A perfect picture of what I'm missing--the cool, dewy mornings of Pennsylvania spring.

Since Mr. Incredible, a blogosphere inhabitant, seems to be content with lurking, I've decided to promote his excellent photography for him. Enjoy.

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brannabee said...

mr. incredible - that photo truely is... incredible. and lurking? allegatorically? hmmm.
dulcimer hope - oh please do tell me what kind of name tag is it? did you get to write your own name? or was it pre-printed? does it say dulci? or dulcimer? or dulcimer hope? was it spelled correctly? they almost always spell my name wrong on name tags that are pre-printed. is it the sticky kind or is it of the pin-on variety? if it is sticky, is it a blue "hello my name is" tag? blue is the most common color for stick-on tags, you know. they don't all say "hello my name is", though. i'm betting it's probably NOT a stick-on, however, for a conference of this length; because that would mean either a.) you'd have to wear the same shirt all week, or b.) you'd have to write a new tag each day. so, if it is a pin-on, is it one of those cheaper ones where the sides are open and you have to be careful not to bend over sideways too much for fear of losing your name? or is it one of the sturdier plastic all-enclosed ones? those are often a much softer plastic, too - where you don't get hurt as badly if it happens to poke you weird. often those larger soft ones come on a lanyon as opposed to the pin style. but, they often save the lanyon option for more churchy events - and especially youth conferences where it seems more cool to have that "backstage pass" feel, you know?
well, do tell me all about it. and please don't feed the alligators. we miss you. :) love, b.