Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flaming cheese

The thick, garlic-infused scent of lamb . . . fast, chaotic Eastern music . . . and ten different desserts made of nuts and honey . . . how could you not want to be Greek?

In comparison to such rich culture and food, my boring British Isles heritage is nothing but "dry toast" (to quote My Big Fat Greek Wedding, of course).

And partly because I have no time to sit and write today, and also due to my strongly held belief that everyone could use a little piece of Greece, I'm shamelessly promoting Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral's festival, coming up this weekend in the Harrisburg area.

You don't need to mow the lawn this weekend. You don't need to clean. What you need is a gyro dripping with warm, yogurty tzatziki sauce and some flaming cheese.


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