Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How we spread the surprising news

A crossword for my grandma (this is her first great-grandchild)

A canister of tea for the veteran grandma (this is her fourth)

When my parents were pregnant with me, they announced it to my grandma using a mustard yellow sweatshirt that said "It's just ducky being a grandma" (in fuzzy iron-on black letters, of course -- it was 1982).

We thought it was a good enough tradition to continue.


katie lynn said...

You're a woman after my own heart! i LOVE these ideas Dulci! Way to do it right!

Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Aww, thanks! I only wish the photos were a little better . . . they were taken the night before we left for Dillsburg and I was in a hurry to get them packed!

brannabee said...

wicked cute shirts - hadn't seen them - only heard the rumors of their cuteness!! :) i'm pretty sure bru-bay-bay is going to be a creative genius.

Laurie said...

so creative! totally adorable.

Devin said...

The fact that you were pregnant was mentioned offhandedly in the office the other day, and totally took me by surprise. I had no idea. Congratulations! (Also, these are SO cute.)

Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Thanks, Devin, Laurie, and Brannabee!

Sometime I'll have to post the photo of my parents actually wearing these shirts (they took it with their camera, so I'll have to wrench it from the scary realm of their computer).