Saturday, September 22, 2007

Full circle

I just found this photo on Friendship Community Presbyterian Church's websitethey're celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, which is a really neat time for Mr. Wonderful and me to be here, 25 years after I born into the community of this church. It's amazing how some things never changelike my mom and dad's appearance, the total and utter cuteness of my smile, and the warmth of the community at Friendship Church.

There are other things that don't change, toolike the way my mom has to hold that rubber ball because I can't maintain my own grasp of it, and the way my overall straps always fall off my shoulder . . . but I guess I don't feel so sentimental about those kinds of things.

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brannabee said...

oh man - at first i was like "who's the kid the tuckers are so amiably cuddling" (because, as you pointed out, they look so much the same that i thought it was taken last weekend). but then - as you also mentioned - i was able to recognize that quirky smile that i know so well and miss so much!

i think usually just the right amount of things change and just the right amount stay the same.

profundity at its best.