Thursday, September 06, 2007

The coffee stirrer man

So there's this guy at my temp job who cracks me up. I think he probably has more degrees than a mercury thermometer, but each time he walks past my half-cubicle (which he does approximately 500 times a day), he is chewing on a red plastic coffee stirrer. Is it his personal version of the boy sitting on a fence with a blade of grass in his mouth? Is he so addicted to coffee that chewing the stirrer is the only way he can safely channel all the caffeine he imbibes each day? Does he think that red plastic really suits his pink and green striped button-down shirt?

But most importantly, perhaps, does he know he's doing it?


Kathleen Ellis said...

good question...probably not!
thanks for you words of encouragement and all!

brannabee said...

i appreciate your healthy concern for the coffee stirrer man.

i was on a plane yesterday and sat next to subtle runny nose boy. he was kind to not make a big deal of his runny nose, by shying away toward the window and quietly sniffling into a tighter and tighter wadded tissue. but i really just wanted to tell him to go ahead and get it out.

and i prayed i wouldn't get sick.