Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cherries on top

We have a lot of special treats in our household. Or at least, it seems that way. After a long, tiring day, we often decide together on an activity--like watching an episode of our favorite BBC sitcom or sipping hot drinks and munching on scones--that we can enjoy together before bed. It's our way to unwind; to bond; and to cope with life.

So the other night we made chocolate chip pancakes topped with cherry pie filling. Bedtime was fast approaching, so as I assembled my pancakes and poured drinks, I flew around the kitchen, working as fast as I could so we could sit down and enjoy them sooner. As I reached my hand into the can of cherry pie filling, though, I got a little wake-up call.

"Slow down," Mr. Incredible reminded me.

"But I want to enjoy our special treat."

"Making the pancakes together--that's the special treat."

And I guess that's part of why I married him. Not so much because he says things like that, but because he believes them.


On a similar but unrelated note, James Lileks, a very talented columnist and blogger, has a neat reflection today on (among other things) watching his daughter grow up. If you haven't before, check him out--his blather is usually worth wading through.

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Christie said...

Scones and BBC, I didn't know you had so much British in you. jj

I'm glad you get to unwind together and share in the joy of making food together. I enjoyed reading Mr. Wonderful's sweet comment to you. Chocolate chip pancakes and cherry topping...mmmm sounds great. Now, was this your dinner or just a tasty treat?

Well gotta go. Lost is on and wathcing it together is one of my husband's favorite if we just had some of those pancakes too. haha