Thursday, August 10, 2006

August musings

Since I haven't posted anything for the entire month of August thus far, I thought it was time to return to this good ol' blog. I really missed it (and all of you who read it)! The past month--and indeed the entire summer--has been a blur, which could just be chalked up to working too much and worrying too much. I need to relax a bit, I guess, and August is probably the best time of the year to do that.

Why, you ask, is August so conducive to relaxation? After all, aren't the months and the years--and even the number of days we have in each week--arbitrary ways of measuring and marking the passage of time?

Yes . . . but as with many designations that were once arbitrary, August" as we know it has become a slack-off month. Not for everybody, of course, and in this workaholic culture, it can be a little difficult to perceive. But if you want to slack off in August, you can. After all (in this part of the world at least) it's unbelievably hot and muggy. So why should you move quickly?

With September will come fresh starts and fresh air--but until then, shouldn't you get some rest? June and July may be vacation prime time--when your e-mail is set to auto-reply and your voicemail directs the caller to a string of other people who could possibly help them if everyone weren't on vacation at the same time. But in August, you're putting in time; you're just not working at your usual breakneck speeds--you need to pace yourself.

So since most of us already treat it this way anyway, I declare August "national slack-off month."

And I am hereby slacking off. Won't you join me?


brannabee said...


just august?

hee hee.

Dulcimer said...

Nice. Are you saying I'm a slacker? 'Cause I'm not. Well, I mean, I wasn't before now. But I'm working on becoming one. And above all, I'm an advocate of slacking off. See, I can't even be a slacker in my comments and use all lowercase or spell something wrong or just plain not leave a comment. Because deep down, I'm a workaholic nerd wrapped as tightly as one of those swings on the playground that's been uh, well, wrapped so tightly that it's suspended far above normal swingset height. Yeah. I think I'm done with that sophisticated thought now. :)

brannabee said...

i was talking about me, dear friend. note my effortless and ultimately lazy utilization of mere lowercased-ness in all settings.
as for your sophisticated thoughts. i love them. don't stop.


i love my nerd of a friend.
see you tonight!

hannah said...

I agree! August is a month for slacking!... I think we suspend ourselves into slow motion by grasping tightly onto summer ideas of freedom and frolickig, while fixating on new beginnings (and cooler weather)