Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another issue emerges

Here I am again, watching as the sixth issue of Seek goes out into the world. I feel like an empty nester, sending my child off to college--will it be well received? Will people give it a chance? Did I give it everything it needs in order to survive? Will people actually take it seriously and dialogue with the articles? Will they absorb it thoughtlessly, or write it off completely? Did I impart enough of my wisdom and the insights of others that it has something to offer to a broken world?

I won't know for quite a while . . . and actually, I may never know.

But I am so proud of this issue! I think it might be my favorite so far. Take a look if you please--and be sure to check out Seeking more, too, where we go more in-depth with the issues discussed in Seek. Heck, fill out a survey if you want.

Just promise me this (and I'm mostly talking to you Brethren in Christ people): you don't have to be nice to Seek, or even to me . . . but take it seriously. Invest in it as you would a young adult that needs the guidance and wisdom of others in order to reach maturity.


brannabee said...

i love the cover.

Christie said...

Congrats on your sixth issue! As eager as I am to see it, I am going to wait until I receive the hard copy. One time I read a whole issue online before I got it in the mail and I feel like I spoiled the surprise. Anyway, thanks for the hard work you put into the magazine.

I look forward to sitting down with it and then checking out the nifty web links. I hope it comes soon otherwise I might give in and view it online. lol