Friday, July 14, 2006

Why I'm already weary of desk jobs

Quick quiz:

If I were presented with the following career paths (and the training I'd need to follow them), which one would I be most likely to choose?

a. writing/editing nonfiction
b. professional miming
c. organic farming
d. robotics
e. owning a bed & breakfast/retreat center
f. dietetics

Answer: I don't know. No, really, I don't know. But it would definitely not be a desk job. I would really like a combination of options c and e. If I had more time to write now, I'd explain. But a girl who graduated from Messiah with me puts it into words better than I ever could, I think. She's been doing a year of service in Egypt, and she has some wonderful reflections. Here's her latest blog entry--perhaps her most insightful yet.

1 comment:

brannabee said...

i almost wish that what i am about to confess was made up. just so it wouldn't be ridiculous.
it isn't.
(made up, that is... ridiculous? you be the judge)

here it goes:
organic farmer and b&b were the two i couldn't decide between for my answer before i realized that you gave the answer at the bottom.
i guess i've been trained by all those "DO NOT SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE ANSWER OR YOUR DESK WILL INSTANTLY CATCH ONE FIRE" emails i always get.
was that weird?

i only have one question:
can i come?