Monday, July 10, 2006

When I'm fifty-five

When I’m fifty-five
and bulging
from the fullness of life’s harvest­—
bearing children, working hard, and celebrating—
please don’t let me say,
“just a taste.”

Just a taste?
I’d rather go without.

No, I’ll savor the full serving
in all its rich complexity—
bitter, sour, sweet, and salty—
as it melts its way through my mouth.

I’ll sip my coffee slowly,
just fast enough to keep the
last gulp from turning cold.

But my golden years will not be marked
by egg beaters, salt substitutes, and dessert-less parties.

Instead, I’ll eat less, yet more fully—
and enjoy more completely.

1 comment:

brannabee said...

you, my dear friend, are absolutely wonderful and beautiful and amazingly ... awesome! i will hold you to this. i promise you.

thanks for your sweet friendship. God blessed me richly this morning through your kind words and sincere heart.

i love you.