Saturday, December 06, 2008

Welcome to Brubaby's room

During Thanksgiving week, we finished Brubaby's room. Not that he or she will be spending a whole lot of time in it for a little while, but it feels good to have it done. At least there's a place to put all of the baby stuff! Mr. Incredible worked hard on this room, with very little help from me--partly because of the fumes and partly because, by the time we were ready to paint, I was too big to be climbing up and down a ladder!

He gave up his study, moving his desk into the dining room; then, with his dad's help, he put new drywall up on the ceiling (it looked like the plaster would give way sometime soon). After our favorite local drywall finisher did the dusty, nasty work of taping and spackling--we hate that part--Mr. Incredible painted the room with the help of a generous neighbor. And then, almost on a whim, he decided to refinish the floor--a feat he accomplished in one day with a pretty cool tung oil-based product. The result is a nice, warm, natural finish that we're pleased with. We headed to Ikea last week for a fun rug, and now all we have to do is hang some pictures!

The chair was a random yard sale purchase that my mom made; it's surprisingly comfy!

The baby's closet is already getting full.

The crib also came from my parents.


Emma said...

Looks like a wonderful cozy room. I remember when we first finished N's room I loved just sitting in there, of course now it's a little boys room and quite cluttered with little boy stuff.
That chair looks like an awesome chair to nurse in or cuddle with your new little one. Not to much longer now!

Dulcimer Hope Brubaker said...

Not too much longer for you, either! :)

Yes, we love the room and both want to hang out in there all the time -- but it's a little weird right now because there's no particular need to do so!

Can you see the snow on the rooftops outside the window? I love this weather.

Lisa said...

Congrats on your little girl! She's precious.

I love her little room — so cozy.

I can't wait for the bombardment of baby photos. Glad everyone is well.