Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Discovering my heritage

I have been told all my life that I resemble Jodie Foster, but finally a computer confirms it. She and I just have this connection; I've always loved her acting--she's feminine, but never girlie. And thanks to Jodie Foster and the Very Large Array, we now know that if there's no other intelligent life in the universe, it's a pretty big waste of space.

It's good to know my celebrity roots.


Dulcimer said...

Oh, I forgot to mention: thanks to Pat for lighting the path to my celebrity brothers and sisters.

brannabee said...

yeah. mine were dumb. and stupid. and plus, they said my look-alikes, were, like, totally not even ... the same color as me. i like yours better. i will pretend it is mine. no. that wouldn't really work.
it's okay.

i'll just let it go.


i'll be fine.

Dulcimer said...

Gee, sorry. :(

Well, y'know, Bob Marley isn't really the same color as me, either. But I'm okay with that.

At least we both go around singing things like this:

One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel all right

Don't we?

brannabee said...




:) love you.