Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What's weirder than going out to dinner with bishops?

I don't know.

But somehow, despite 40 years' difference in age and culture, we actually had fun over many courses of Chinese food.

Still, Toronto is nothing like home . . . no husband to spend the evening with; to understand me so perfectly, or share my unique (read: quirky) sense of humor with.

Right now, Katie and I are watching Fame, an amazingly bad show from 1982, the year we were born . . . good stuff to make fun of before bed, though, eh?

Goodnight from across the border.


brannabee said...


i had dinner at church. it was eat n run. then i had youth. then i went home. then i finished a sketch of the st. charles bridge in prague that i've been working on. then i wanted to go to bed, but i was hungry. which reminded me, i hadn't put away the organics. so. i did that. then had to look up the unrecognized leafy green. found out it was kale. then i listened to nathan go on and on about how good kale is for you and how he came to find that out. then i was hungry. made some toast. only one slice. but i wanted grandma's strawberry jelly and i wanted jason and dulci's applebutta. but only one slice. so i half & halfed it. i must say, last night i truly enjoyed the applebutta half betta. i almost made another piece just to enjoy the applebutta. but i was tired. and lazy. so. i went to bed. but my brain didn't.
did i say yet about that i missed you? and that i miss you again today? yeah. and that i just downed a 16 oz. coffee from the falcon and am now realizing that that was not a good decision. for many reasons. none of which i will bore you with here.
and, plus, too,
i miss you.
come back when you're done.
love you.

Christie said...

I hope you are finding out "why" you are there.

They will send you back to us, right?

Love you,

Dulcimer said...

You ladies are super sweet. Almost as sweet as apple butta.

And yes, they're sending me back--I'll be home tomorrow.

Can't wait to be home. Toronto's quite the happening city (as far as I can tell) but seeing as I have no way to explore it, I'd rather just be home. :)

It's all good, though--it's been a really long time since I had no other choices but to read, pray, write, walk, be quiet, and watch TV. Those are some pretty dang good choices, and although it took me a little while to feel this way, I'm grateful for the down time, the alone time, and the time away from the office.